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May 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
maniac were to capture that ship, he'd have access to all the data in our defense network, and he could easily bring the entire country to its knees. hmm. i think i smell a rotten egg. eggman. i hate to say it, but you may be right, rouge. this is just the kind of insane plot he'd come up with. ♪ da da dee dee dee computers make evil so easy! [ laughs evilly ] you have been hunched over that keyboard for hours, doctor. it is bad for your posture. at least try to sit up straight when you type. otherwise, you may hurt yourself. i already have a big pain in the! "knuckles discovers world's oldest map. "renowned archeologist dr. cadbury studying the ancient document at pukapito palace." hmm. let's drop by. this map proves my theory. i can announce that the world's oldest mystery has finally been solved. are you ready? for the first time, i feel totally wrapped up in my work. huh? what the -- silence! grave robber, give us our map! [ gasps ] mission accomplished. we hit the mummy load this time. now we must book back to the base. [ alarm ringing ] dr. eggman: good work. you dese
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1